Thursday, 20 September 2012

Toast meets egg and gauc!


The gaucamole I made from scratch.. And the salad I just added some mayo and dried almonds (from our backyard!)  which I roughly chopped.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Confession... I love ...


Omg.. It's like the yummiest bread I've ever eaten!  I'm sorry bf ..but.. I love him so muchhh  NOMNOMMM

I had to confess. Sorry for wasting 10 seconds of your life. 

Thursday morning..

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Out n About (3) 7th-9th of Sept

Whilst I waited for my bf to arrive.. sipped a delicious mocktail from the Schweppes drink stand.
So deliciously refreshing!! It sang summer! ^___^!!

Gloria Jeans!! The one we go to.. the staff are sooo adorable!! >W<
 So friendly!! Its overwhelming!! And the mochas are made to perfection! :3
 mmm White chocolate mocha is my current fave! :3

yummmmers! ;P 

After my failed attempt at making pan fried herb crusted chicken (dont worry niether of us got food poisoning.. just presentation wise.. A MESS! ><  )
I finally made some pancakes for him!! Originally wanted to make them on Saturday morning..
But .. he was being very cheeky and I didn't get to make some >< :P tmi?? ;ppp 
And gosh he's so picky with the toppings .. he wanted Pineapple jam (it had to a particular brand mind you!)
And I didn't get a chance to buy some...  =.=

Me:"Here you go" bf: "What's on it?" Me: "Nothing.. just pancakes.."
bf: "Spread some butter with a even sprinkle of sugar" 
... -.-' 
This was the guy who didn't want anything on his pancakes
 after I told him I didn't bring any jam.-.-
<3 :3

went a tad crazy towards the end.... ;pp 

FINALLY WE BOTH TRIED TEH  TARIK!!! (malaysian pull tea)
SO DELICIOUS! We ordered the hot tea.. But next time I want to order the cold tea! 

 But yeah... so yummy.. My bf was very impressed.. definately going there again!! :D
Store bought pasta salad... was pretty delicious.. as you can see..
And like 2 hours before we had to leave the apartment.. (he had to fly back.. -.-)
I quickly whipped up an omelette!
I KNOW! It looks horrific... but it was very yummy! :3 
Yeah I need to cook more often! -.-' 

Anyways... ahh must have bored you to death with my rambles...;p

take care,
Chacha ox

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Orange goodness!

Fresh from our backyard! Organic at its best! :P

Chacha ox