Friday, 20 September 2013

Out n About (5)- Epic July (1) - Part 1

Emily's Place
Melbourne Central, 
211 La Trobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

After a crazy night on Friday (my good friend's 21st... yeah was one powerful night! :P) decided to got out for brunch. 'Emily's Place' was a lovely little cafe;with a relaxing atmosphere and decent food. This was my very first time eating a bagel! :D According to Mr Owl.. it was sub par. Oh go away buzz killer! :P It was most scrumptious! 

Yeah being a sucker for anything vintage, I sure was in heaven! Beautiful decor,calming music and JOHNNY DEPP ON THE SCREEN! (yeah I know..I didn't capture him properly)Yes .. it was heavenly in every way! :P