Thursday, 30 January 2014

Faluda and friends

Faluda/Falooda.. how ever you spell it/say it.. those you have had this drink know what it is! A perfect summer beverage; so refreshing and filling. And not to mention how pretty it is!!! :O There's something so pretty about those casa casa seeds (basil seeds) floating on top of a beautiful sea of pink and hints of glistening green from the jelly. It just cheers me up and takes me back to sunny Sri Lanka and the various drinks that were whipped up at family functions.

So about two weeks ago I got hold of the necessary ingredients needed for this drink; waiting for the perfect opportunity to make it. Then one Sunday I decided to invite my primary school best friend (such a sweetheart she is!!!) over for a yummy Sinhalese lunch (the original plan was to go out shopping but the scent of my mums cooking just tantalised her taste buds.. I definitely had to invite her to try our food instead! :D) And of course this drink came to mind; and she truly deserved
it! The funny part was that she too already knew about the drink (because in Mauritius they make it as well! And they call it 'alouda' :O

So whilst sipping this refreshing drink out in sunshine; we refreshed on good times and our plans for the future (and planning a possible trip to Mauritius in the near future!) :D

 (I love you so much sis!! Can't wait to taste the lovely dishes Mauritius has to offer! )


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Better late than never...

Wow.. Another year has flashed past and almost a month into the new year already! I spent the last 15 minutes looking through my blog. And like a vlogger looking back at their past videos reliving moments;so did I.

Hating myself for abandoning this blog! .ANYWAYS... I guess its better late than never.. and with that.. start posting my creations and food related adventures again! :)