Friday, 29 August 2014

23rd Of August. Breakfast At Tiff..Heaven.

TADAAA hehehehe 
I ate it through my DSLR :P hahahaha.. 
Once I calmed myself a bit managed to have some of this stunning,powerful concoction.  How pretty is it? 
My handsome enjoying lunch at 'Touche Hombre'; you out did yourself Mr!!  :')

.... I was oblivious. Totally oblivious. There I was thinking it was a birthday brunch for my beautiful other half...... only to find out that.. *speechless* The photos speak for themselves! haha  I am still struggling to put my words together... I was shaking,I could barely eat any of that cake (dw I had some when I got home and it was just yummy! :3). I was just in utter shock. I mind just couldn't process what was happening. Surrounded by our friends... it was just beautiful.. (so underrated) I can't thank them enough for taking part of this momentous occasion. Truly grateful! Much love.

Look out for more posts... (loads of catch up posts also) of my many wonderful food adventures before and after this wonderful moment.