Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sydney food adventures Jan '17

Chill Sunday - Dinner at Corelli's, Newtown. 
352 King Street, Newtown

If you want a cup of coffee or some cafe food past the usual annoying cafe closing times (hate how early cafes close here) then this place is a go to! Open everyday 7 AM -12 AM!! Finally a place I can go with my little family for a late meal and or coffee! Decent place.

Our Sunday Newtown ritual. 

Recently we got back to doing our Sunday lunch dates (we began doing this early January last year when I was pregnant) or atleast get out of the house and do some exploring for an hr or 2 without the baby. It's a great time for me to recharge. As much as I love my little owl, it is nice and important to have a little break here and there. Grabbed a green juice from 'Molly Coddle' Cafe in Newtown whilst hubs got coffees. Fun fact: Newtown was the location of Coldplay's 'Sky Full of Stars' music video. Yes. Envy all the people who got to see them and be featured in their video!!!

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