Friday, 3 March 2017


I turned this savoury  muffin recipe into a bake because I didn't have a muffin tray around. Also replaced the bacon with chipolatas. Always fun to try different ingredients and of course you could make this vegetarian and add left over roast vegetables. Whatever you prefer/or have in your fridge or pantry. 
Click here to view the recipe.


Sorry for the hideous photo... hubs just destroyed my creation before I got the chance to take a photo...

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Sydney Food Adventures - Feb '17

The Coffee Club,
Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, 
K11/73 Belmore Rd,
 Randwick NSW 2031

 This was my go to cafe when I was pregnant. After my appointments I would come here and enjoy a tea and a preg safe meal (usually ordered an omelette or scramble eggs) whilst my husband finished his gym.  

Dukes Lounge, 
153 Avoca St, 
Randwick NSW 2031

        Asides being stingy on the toast, this place is another decent place around busy Randwick. 

Molly Coddle Cafe,
3/612-622 King St, 
Newtown NSW 2042

Awesome Breakfast and lunch menu and they serve Filipino dishes aswell. Awesome range of dishes and great coffee and lovely selection of juices. The way the cafe is designed, an awesome breeze comes through, 
perfect on those warmer days. Very nice service.

Rolling Penny, 
 Newtown, 583A King St, Sydney NSW 2042

THIS PLACE IS OUR CURRENT TOP FAVOURITE!!! Shall do a separate post on this gem of a cafe.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sydney food adventures Jan '17

Chill Sunday - Dinner at Corelli's, Newtown. 
352 King Street, Newtown

If you want a cup of coffee or some cafe food past the usual annoying cafe closing times (hate how early cafes close here) then this place is a go to! Open everyday 7 AM -12 AM!! Finally a place I can go with my little family for a late meal and or coffee! Decent place.

Our Sunday Newtown ritual. 

Recently we got back to doing our Sunday lunch dates (we began doing this early January last year when I was pregnant) or atleast get out of the house and do some exploring for an hr or 2 without the baby. It's a great time for me to recharge. As much as I love my little owl, it is nice and important to have a little break here and there. Grabbed a green juice from 'Molly Coddle' Cafe in Newtown whilst hubs got coffees. Fun fact: Newtown was the location of Coldplay's 'Sky Full of Stars' music video. Yes. Envy all the people who got to see them and be featured in their video!!!

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2017 - Fresh New Platter

First meal of 2k17!

Yes, I am fully aware it's March. But it's never too late to start. 2016 was a huuuge year for me and my family. A new family member came into the world hehe. And towards the end of the year we moved. I truly missed posting food photos and sharing recipes with you! One of many goals; get back on this blog and post at least once a week!