Tuesday, 20 August 2013

TGIF #3 - Friday wake up call..

Food P0rn -English muffin,Cos lettuce, bacon, fried egg, cheese and mayo. 
 I got so hungry seeing these photos so I quickly got some oats with some milk to eat while typing this. Yeah got up very late on Friday and I was quite cranky. Of course I love sleeping in but not until 12!!!  >.< Apparently my dad had tried to wake me up by knocking on  my door. Ahhahahaha yeah that obviously didn't work at all cause I didn't hear a thing just K.Oed!   
ANYWAY nuff of that.. I needed something scrumptious to get me back to my ol' self. So used what was in the fridge and pantry (and thank you Mother Owl for having bacon for breaky! Less work for me XP)and boom! Yeah just needed the tomatoes to be a BLT sandwich mini burger  or whatever you want to call this! But boy was I HUUNNGRY I just couldn't wait any longer! And I must add .. (IF YOU DISLIKE RUNNING EGG YOLKS  OR EGGS IN GENERAL AND YOU'RE NOT VEGAN.. SORRY WE CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS. Yes, cousin/s I know you all hate eggs cooked like this and you guys are not fit to be here!!! .. :P

 And yes I made a juice too! I used a blender so I had to use about have a cup of water. I am dying to get a juicer. And got some fresh mint from the garden and poured the juice on top!  Happy camper from then onwards! :D <3 (and yeah I need a fancy jar for my juice :P they'll do for the time being :P)