Friday, 16 August 2013

whats been happening (and heres some juice for ya'll)

Some watermelon,1 red apple and mixed berries poured over a handful of garden fresh mint leaves! SO REFRESHING!! Perfect for spring and summer! Or in my case in the middle of winter XD 
I keep apologising..for  not posting then saying heey gonna be back on track
....but it just never happens (So much respect for those who can post consistently no matter how busy they are!!) But yeah ever since class started it has been chaos... (and in regards to personal matters) but the blog comes across my mind a lot especially when I take snaps of a delicious meal etc but I just never get around to posting anything and now I have so many photos to share with you  that are from months ago! Anyhoots took some photos this morning and from there will get back to posting regularly (now I have tons of foods and places to ramble about :P) in the mean time I'll post up this crappy quality snap I took of the juice I've been sipping on all day ;P