Thursday, 12 June 2014

My mother queen's 50th! (Bring on the long weekend devoted to eating)

Last Friday was mother owl's 50th birthday!! (If you didn't figure it out from the photos! :P) So we had to do something for her!! But instead of the typical huge birthday party many people organise; decided to just spend it with the family;just how we like it! And conveniently fell on the Queen's birthday long weekend!!!!! Meaning devoting the whole weekend  :P It sure was manic in the kitchen; trying to prepare dinner before mum came back from a appointment. 1.5 hours to prepare dinner. GAH. Anyway long story short.... it all worked out in the end and my brother and I managed to surprise her (to some degree :P). All that effort sure paid off!

Minus the roast chicken (thank you dad for bringing home take away for the sake of mum not finding out about the dinner AND so I had some extra little time to cook!) :P  I cooked and prepared it all! :3 Being such a slow cook; I was proud of what I managed to get on the table in such a short time! :3

(Will post recipes soon! and photos of what else we got up to that weekend!)

...Happy Birthday Mum

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