Thursday, 16 May 2013

Out&About (4) May '13 p 1 - Brunch at Tropicana Juice/Food Bar

"South American Special" mmmmm YUMMERS (and how interesting is that pineapple sitting on a ..mortar?! :P )

Simple food + complex drink = Heavenly brunch!!

Yes.. nothing so exciting about toasted egg and bacon sandwiches, but paired up with an amazing fruit juice (and zee bf xP)  it was lovely and just what we needed!! That "South American Special" juice is amazing!!! Packed with Vitamin C and other goodies just wakes you up!! ( its said to not mix the drink just sip it as it is!!! It's delicious!!! ;P

Tropicana Juice/Food Bar
 213 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000