Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My first taste- Fennel.

I've been wanting to try fennel for a while now. And on Sunday I finally did! I just sauteed them;keeping it simple. I just wanted to taste the fennel without having other flavours overpowering it. While I was finding recipes I saw heaps of comments complaining about the licorice like taste of fennel and how sauteing got rid of the taste. Well some of the fennel was a tad on the crunchy side(I had thick pieces of fennel >.<)  BUT I didn't mind the taste. It wasn't a strong flavour, but there was a subtle hint and I didn't mind. Even the rest of the family enjoyed... well just my parents.. my younger brother is hesitant with trying new foods >.<.. grrr. :P Just like my boyfriend =.=

Overall, loved it and definitely going to cook fennel again! :P :)

The recipe I used is here

Enjoy! (don't be afraid to try new foods especially vegetables and fruits!! :P)