Thursday, 9 August 2012

Out n about - post bday madness ..munchies :P-22nd July

Just what I need after a crazy weekend! (it would've been even crazier if I (1) Didn't have strict ass parents and (2) My boyfriend had joined in the booze dept (he had a crazy night with his mates on that Friday so he didn't have a sip of the devils drink! Such a good boy; being in control! .. Sometimes.. :P
Anyhoots enough of the excess rambles... So my darling of a boyfriend bought me a delicious chicken and leek pie (MMM TWAS DEELISH! :PP) and a glorious cup of lentil soup.. darn forgot the exact name! But yes.. it was such a lovely treat especially after a tiresome day. Ohh yummy! Grr this is all making me very hungry! Must go to beddd!!

Take care and drink responsibly...;P,
Chacha ox