Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Out n About- 18th - 19th My two loves. :3

My bf's grandma always spoils me with gifts! >w<

My loverr :3 Oh gracious! x______x

Yeap... we like it that way alright! ;P
1.My gorgeous bf (who lives interstate btw .. *sniff* :( !) 2. Of course....FOOD!  :3 :DD :P <3
Yeah the whole weekend... consisted of snacks and take away! (well he had more take away! :P)
It was most annoying; that the hotel he stayed at this time didn't even have a microwave! grr So he had to eat my homemade pizza cold!! >.< Oh well hot cups of chacha tea made it better ;P
And what is more comforting than eating take away.. on the floor.. watching the AFL on a Sunday arvo! :P Well he was watching it while I savoured the food!

It was a darling of a weekend! Counting down for his next trip down. Miss him tremendously! -.-
Nuff of my rambles and corniness! :P

Take Care! 
Chacha ox